Bumper Crop of Nominations for Best of 2020

Although our stories about the mastermind behind the Trains at NorthPark and a trip to the Lake Austin Spa were our readers’ top picks, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also point out some of the other work that was nominated.

Some of these you’ll see again during this holiday season, as we share staff picks, but in no particular order, the other nominees included:

Patriot Pride: TJ Athletes Stay Strong Despite Setbacks “Great story about a resilient team and the educators who love them,” wrote a reader.

A Boy’s Take on Masks: Be Nice “What a smart – and funny – young writer, and a great appeal to everyone’s better nature,” said a reader.

How to Foxtrot “I loved this story,” the person who nominated it said.

Henry’s Wishes

‘Something Needs to Change’

Ambush Anniversary A Reminder of Another Unprecedented Time “Ambush Anniversary, Henry’s Wish, Something Needs to Change. All so beautifully written, sad but not maudlin,” a reader said.

Perspectives From The Porch “Erin Schreyer taking front porch pictures during spring quarantine was by far my favorite of the year,” said a reader. “Raised a ton of money for charities and gave her time selflessly to make it happen. What an incredible soul.”

Dreaming of The Charles “It was poetic, and said a lot without an extra word. Great writing,” one respondent said.

Love In The Time of Social Distancing “It was so early in the pandemic, but this story was just so hopeful, so joyous,” a reader said.

Loving to Cook, Cooking to Love “It was charming, topical and beyond the typical restaurant review,” said one reader.

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