Best of 2020: Family Vacation to Spain Becomes Adventure in Virus Lockdown

What do you do when you’re on vacation – a long planned one – and the whole world goes into lockdown? That’s what our intern, Dahlia Faheid, was confronted with in March, and her first-person account is one of our Best of 2020 picks.

“Days into the trip, my travel group and I took our disheveled, frowning selves and climbed aboard our bus for a seemingly ordinary day of tourism, having just learned of the European travel ban effective the next day,” she wrote. “It felt colder and darker than usual as we waited to hear from the travel agency about whether we could return home.”

Faheid’s family had planned their trip to Spain much earlier, and were faced with navigating a much different itinerary, much like their fellow travelers.

“A talented intern shares her experiences with foreign lockdown, international travel restrictions, and the pandemic,” People Newspapers editor William Taylor said of his pick.

You can read the story here.

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