Best of 2020: Perspectives From the Porch

When people began sheltering-in-place last March, milestones didn’t stop their march across the calendar as weeks turned into months. But throughout the 290 days or so (so far), Erin Schreyer has been documenting families – from their front porches.

For People Newspapers publisher Pat Martin, it’s what made our story about Schreyer one of her picks for Best of 2020 because she was “documenting beautiful families being together during the pandemic.”

From commemorations of anniversaries, new babies, Highland Park High School’s socially distant prom celebration, or just outdoor family time, Schreyer captured how her neighbors have been spending quarantine in photos.

“Erin Schreyer taking front porch pictures during spring quarantine was by far my favorite of the year,” said a reader. “Raised a ton of money for charities and gave her time selflessly to make it happen. What an incredible soul.”

You can read the story here.

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