Best of 2020: Senior Returns to Much Different HPHS

Our fall high school intern, Shaye Wattson, couldn’t have imagined that her senior year would begin with virtual school and then segue into a much different experience on campus as masking, social distancing, and other measures were enacted to help students and staff avoid exposure to COVID-19.

With that in mind, she shared her experiences with our readers for our September issue of Park Cities People.

“As a freshman, I had imagined that the first day of my senior year would be spent roaming the halls with my classmates and counting down the days until graduation,” she wrote. “Instead, I spent my first day perched on my couch, a cup of coffee in hand, as I struggled to understand what my teachers were saying through the poor connection on Google Meet.”

“It seems everyone has an idea about how schools should operate during a pandemic,” said People Newspapers editor William Taylor. “Look here to see how one of our community’s talented teens is experiencing high school this year.”

Read her piece here.

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