Best of 2020: The Election

Starting with the primary season, our election coverage was spearheaded by two people – deputy editors Bethany Erickson and Rachel Snyder – and continued through Election Day and beyond.

In fact, on Election Night, the same two people masked and huddled over laptops in front of a living room TV, continued to work together to update readers.

“Our goal from the beginning was to have extremely local coverage,” said Erickson. “We began doing monthly surveys this summer to see how our readers were looking at the election, and we reached out to Dallas ISD school board candidates with a series of questions to help readers get a better idea of where they stood. We also sent questionnaires to candidates that were particularly local to our readers.”

“But more importantly, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, this was a big election year, and a big topic to cover,” she added.

You can take a look back at our coverage here.

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