Best of 2020: The Mask Making Neighbors

As the pandemic hit Dallas, a new endeavor began – making masks. At first, they were made for first-responders and frontline medical workers who used them to help extend the life of their N95 masks. But as doctors and scientists discovered that masks also can help slow the spread among the public, mask-making became an even bigger undertaking.

In April, we introduced readers to Darden “Pops” McGlothlin, sisters Lydia and Caleigh England, couture designer Nardos Imam, and the students who founded Mantra, all of whom were working to make sure masks were in plentiful supply for those who needed them most.

“In the middle of all those unknowns early in the pandemic, there were a few knowns – including the knowledge that there will always be neighbors that go above and beyond to help,” said deputy editor Bethany Erickson.

Read about them here.

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