Watch Out, Devil! Chuck Norris Deemed an ‘Angel’ Now

LEFT: Chuck and Gena Norris. (PHOTO: DANA DRIENSKY) 

It’s been said, “Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer. Too bad, he has never cried.”

Fortunately, the action star and subject of so many memes and jokes based on his tough-guy reputation has found other ways alongside his wife to bolster the human spirit.

Gena and Chuck Norris received the Bonhoeffer “Angel” Award on Oct. 24 during Mercury One’s first Virtual Event: America Goes Back to Work hosted by founders Tania and Glenn Beck.

The Dallas-based nonprofit humanitarian aid and education organization focuses on restoring the human spirit.

“On this special night, we rejoice in the lives of those impacted by our humanitarian relief efforts, education programs, and preservation of American heritage,” Beck said.

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