Boil Water Notice Lifted For UP

The city of University Park lifted its boil water notice Monday morning.

The city said they’re receiving water from the main water plant of the Park Cities Municipal Utility District, and the city water towers were near capacity as of Monday morning.

“To assist that process, water conserve measures remain in place,” the city says.

The notice was lifted after mandatory water quality testing confirmed the water was safe to drink, the city says.

The boil water notice was issued Wednesday after water main breaks caused by last week’s record-breaking winter storm.

The city says water bottles are still available for residents who need them at City Hall in the hallway of the 24-hour entrance next to the 911 dispatch center at 3800 University. The city requests residents take one case per family. 

Those who’ve made repairs to water lines and need to have their meter turned back on can visit

The city also shared some recommendations for residents now that the boil notice is lifted:

Go to each faucet and turn on your cold water tap for two continuous minutes. Start with the faucet at the highest point in your home or building. Move lower and lower one at a time. Use a toothbrush and some vinegar to clean any particles from your faucet’s aerator. You can typically unscrew these to clean them using your fingers or a wrench and then rinse them off before screwing them back into place. Continue cleaning efforts by changing the filter cartridge in your refrigerator or ice maker. Make sure you throw out any ice and flush the water dispenser for three to five minutes. Lastly, run the ice maker for one hour and make sure that you throw away any ice made during that time. Finally, don’t forget to wash the bin.

Rachel Snyder

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