Dallas County COVID-19 Cases Rise While Vaccines are Quickly Being Administered

Dallas County reported 351 new positive cases as of March 11. There are 229 confirmed cases and 122 probable cases.

This brings up the total to 248,724 cases confirmed with a total of 36,959 probable cases. 3,236 residents in Dallas County have died from the virus.

A woman in her 20’s from the City of Farmers Branch has died after being critically ill in an area hospital, she had underlying high-risk disease. A man in his 50’s from the City of Dallas died in an area hospital, he also had an underlying high-risk disease. A woman in her 80’s from the City of Irving died in hospice care, she also had underlying high-risk health conditions.

Currently, there are 43 active long-term care facility outbreaks. Overall, 4,225 residents and 2,332 healthcare workers in long-term facilities have been infected with COVID-19. 969 have been hospitalized and 624 have died. More than two-thirds of all confirmed cases were people under 65 years.  

A total of 148,000 vaccines have been administered at the Fair Park mega-vaccine clinic since January 11th. Dallas County Health Human Services will be providing vaccinations to those at most risk of infections, and they will also provide second doses through Friday, March 12. The Community Vaccination Center will also provide first doses.

Vaccine eligibility will expand to people that are aged 50 and older starting on March 15. According to officials, 93% of Texas COVID-19 fatalities are caused by COVID-19, 20% of those are people that are between the ages of 50 to 64. Overall, more than half of seniors have gotten one dose of the vaccine, 30% of seniors are fully vaccinated. Seven million doses have been given to residents in Texas, 4.7 have received one dose and 2.5 are fully vaccinated according to officials.   

Even though Gov. Greg Abbott opened Texas to 100% on March 10, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends taking preventive action to help with the spread of the virus. Wear your mask, avoid close contact with people outside of your household or try and keep suc feet apart.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, and try to clean your hands regularly.

In other news:

  • Abbott announced this week that 34 counties will participate in the second week of the Save Our Seniors Initiative.  The program was announced in Corpus Christi last month, and its initiative is to provide vaccines to seniors throughout the whole state.  The state has found 10,000 vaccines to give to those that are homebound or 75 years and older.
  • After the winter storm in mid-February and the pandemic, blood banks are empty. They usually have three days’ worth of supplies, which is between 20 to 40 units but the winter storm has left them dry. Out of 59 community blood banks contacted by the National Organization of America’s Blood Center, only three reported having at least three days’ worth of supplies. The Carter Blood Center is asking for donations after being left empty. Learn more here.

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