You’re Too Sexy for This Paper

It’s been a rough year, and we wouldn’t have dreamed of participating in April Fools hijinks last year — a tornado followed by a pandemic was more than enough confusion, thank you very much.

But this year, in a fit of hopefulness (some of us had just gotten our first shots, and others finally had appointments), we started talking … why not?

But it was deputy editors Bethany Erickson and Rachel Snyder who came up with the idea to jokingly take nominations for People Newspapers’ Sexiest Man Alive.

“We get a weird amount of email that we’re certain is actually meant for People magazine,” Erickson explained. “So one night we thought it would be hilarious to just embrace it on April 1.”

When the rest of the staff got on board, Imani Chet-Lytle created mock covers, and we set up a very real survey to get nominations and shared it on social media. And some of you all played along wonderfully.

A sampling of some of the responses:

“John Michael Stewart: a caring, talented dentist, rearing 3 wonderful sons, married to another dentist. He is a blessing to our neighbors, he has a heart of service… doesn’t hurt that he was a all-american FB player at SMU!”

“Ed Shaikh He is one if not the most stylish man in Park Cities! If not the country! He owns the more incredible store in Highland Park Village Hadleigh’s. One of the last family owned stores in the village. He is an incredible dad of three daughters. An skilled bird shooter. And the American dream! Coming from Pakistan at age 18 and building is life. As the top sales person in the country for Ralph Lauren in Highland Park Village to then opening a store there! He has a huge heart and his laugh is contagious! “

“CLAY JENKINS!! He’s safe-sexy “

“US Representative Colin Allred. Rising national star who is both calm and charismatic. “

“Stephen White, he is the definition of peak male performance “

“William Taylor, he’s the best editor in the world. ” (Ahem)

It’s nice to know, though, that 18 of you had answers at the ready for our question, just in case we ever DO decide to have a ‘Sexiest Man’ issue.

More to look for:

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