Home Alone? Dallas-Fort Worth Ranks Third for Solo Buyers

If you like it, you can put a keyring on it. A recent study by the wellness publication eachnight found that Dallas-Fort Worth ranks third when it comes to having properties affordable enough for a single person to buy.

The study found that with an average salary of $53,318 per year in Dallas, a single person could afford a mortgage of around $248,000.

The average salary in Dallas-Fort Worth is $53,318 a year, meaning a property worth up to $248,181 is achievable, according to the study by sleep and wellness publication eachnight, which puts a 1-bedroom home in Dallas at an average of $169,744.

While that might not get you a single-family home in Dallas (see below for the median price in Dallas County currently), condos and townhomes are still within that affordable bracket. To get a single-family property in DFW, you’d likely need to head to the suburbs.

Only Jacksonville, Florida, and Tucson, Arizona, ranked as more affordable for single buyers.

Median home prices are up in Dallas County for March
March new home sales at fastest pace since 2006

New home sales haven’t happened at current paces since 2006, with seasonally-adjusted March figures showing an annual rate of 1.021 million, the U.S. Census Bureau reported in April.

Month-over-month, sales rose more than 20%, and had more than doubled compared to March 2020.

The median sales price of new houses sold in March 2021 was $330,800. The average sales price was $397,800.

The seasonally adjusted estimate of new houses for sale at the end of March was 307,000 nationally. This represents a supply of 3.6 months at the current sales rate. It also underscores exactly how hot the market is in Dallas County, where supply is at 1.3 months.

Dallas-Fort Worth employees kind of like working remotely

Contractor locating service CraftJack took a look at pandemic-wrought remote working and asked a few questions. And it turns out, a lot of people actually like working remotely.

The company asked, “Would you move, if given the opportunity to work permanently remote?” Dallas-Fort Worth respondents said yes enough for the area to come in ninth, the survey found.

But when it came time to rank the cities people like now more than ever, DFW came in 10th (so I guess we’re not so bad?).

“Next, we asked residents of major cities which other American city they’d move to if given the chance,” CraftJack said.

And imagine that, Austin respondents said they’d like to move to DFW. And for what it’s worth, DFW residents said they’d like to move to Seattle. However, when asked what the trendiest states and cities to move to, respondents said Texas was the trendiest state, while DFW was ranked sixth.

See the rest of the results here.

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