Visible Unity Celebrates Anniversary With New Website

An organization dedicated to providing programs that extend the conversation about race “beyond platitudes” is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a new digital presence.

Visible Unity, a local non-profit dedicated to racial reconciliation announced the launch of its newly designed and updated website. The new, vibrant, interactive website marks the first celebratory activity in a year-long celebration honoring five years of service to the North Texas community.

“In this our fifth year of providing programs that extend the racial conversation beyond platitudes, we wanted to strengthen certain areas, make the site more functional and informative so we’re equipped to serve North Texas another five years and actually, beyond that,” Pam Fields, Visible Unity president and founder, said.

Visible Unity was formed in 2015 when Fields witnessed the power of love to change a racist’s heart. This transformation sparked the idea for Visible Unity, but it would be another year before the first program launched.

Since then, the organization has hosted more than 900 people and garnered the support of businesses, churches, individuals, and schools, including First United Methodist Church in downtown Dallas, who partnered with the organization on a citywide block party.

“We’ve had successes,” said board member Jeanne Segrest, “but as you know from reading or looking at the news, the work of bringing all people together in a spirit of unity is far from over.

“It is really just beginning. Our new website will assist Visible Unity in remaining front and center of the important work of changing hearts and minds and equipping all to appreciate, understand, and value all people, no matter their color.”

The new website is just the start of the recognition of five years of service. The organization also plans an expansion of its signature program, the Unity Process, to include a youth version this fall. Also, a drive-thru diversity appreciation block party is being planned for the fall, and a special Unity campaign in the winter.

Visible Unity treasurer, Cindy Ford says, “We’re excited about all of our celebratory plans this year but starting with our website is key. The website is more than our online home. It is the heart from which our great mission and programming springs.”

The mission of Visible Unity is to transform the hearts and minds of diverse individuals through programs and events that inform, equip, and encourage cross-cultural understanding and interaction. All are welcome to participate in Visible Unity programs. The programs consist of the Unity Process, Visible Communities, and DEI training and consulting. Due to COVID, all programming is virtual. The cost for individuals to participate is free.

For more information about Visible Unity, its programs, or for the complete calendar of celebratory events (and to check out the new website), visit or call (214) 354-9044.

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