Alert Dog (And Owner) Rescue Neighbor Pooch From Pool

Bunny, a beagle mix, may have fallen in water while chasing a rabbit

A splash and cries woke up Samantha Camp, 24, before sunrise one morning this spring.

Her toy schnauzer, Lola, was barking up to her as if to alert something was wrong. 

Camp went past a window and recognized splashing across the backyard, coming from her neighbors’ pool. 

There is no way to know how Bunny, a beagle mix, had fallen into the pool, but her owners believe that she ran after a rabbit or squirrel and fell in the water.

Camp ran through the backyard, pulled Bunny out of the pool by her neck, and then helped the dog cough up any chlorine water that she may have swallowed before the dog ran inside through the doggy door. 

If it weren’t for Lola’s barks, Bunny would not have been saved by Camp.

“I hear splashing, and then I realize, ‘Oh my god! That is a dog. That’s Bunny. Bunny is in the pool.”

Samantha Camp

“It took a while to figure out what happened,” said Bunny’s owner, Katie Lewis, 29. “I thought it was raining, and she had gone outside and got wet. Then I turned on the light, and there was blood everywhere.”

Bunny had tried to climb out of the pool, and in doing so, had ground down her nails, causing them to bleed. 

“Along the alley, dogs were barking; all the dogs were worried,” Camp said.

Lewis took Bunny to the vet after getting the dog cleaned and dried up. She was fine. Lewis gave her ice cream afterward to make her feel better. 

The Lewises and the Camps have been neighbors for 27 years.

Katie Lewis and Samantha Camp grew up together and are like family. Their dogs, Lola, Luna, Nellie, and Bunny, have also grown up together.

“The Camps have always been there for us,” said Kathy Lewis, Katie’s mom. 

Lola and Samantha Camp proved that again on April 7. They saved the day.

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