Legacy Collective Grants Benefit the Family Place, Other Nonprofits

The Legacy Collective recently awarded four additional grants from its Texas Disaster Relief Fund, including to the Family Place.

The Legacy Collective is a community dedicated to funding nonprofits, and the Family Place is a Dallas-based nonprofit that has been helping victims of family violence in North Texas since 1978.

The Texas Disaster Relief Fund, which was set up to help Texans in need after winter storm Uri, also provided grants to Sustainable Food Center in Austin, the Settlement Home for Children, also in Austin, and the Wichita Fallas Area Food Bank.

The Family Place received $25,000, the Sustainable Food Center received $27,500, the Settlement Home for Children received $50,000, and the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank received $25,000. This $127,500, combined with the $450,000 in grants the Legacy Collective has awarded, brings the total amount of grants awarded to $577,500.

The Family Place’s grant will help with repairs to their campus from the storm as well as associated costs, such as meals and housing for clients needing to be relocated because of the campus’ damage.

“The generosity of individual donors and organizations from across the country and around the world supporting Texans after the storm is inspiring,” said Erin Arnheim, Legacy Collective CEO. “The donations just kept coming! We’re excited to be able to give these additional grants so that relief work that still remains can be addressed.”

More information about these organizations, how they will use the funds, and the impact that Legacy Collective donors have made can be found here.

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