Do Good and Shop at the Same Time at Thrift Studio

Dwell with Dignity will host their most anticipated event, Thrift Studio, Aug. 27 – Sept. 25. The event offers plenty of home goods shopping and benefits the non-profit’s mission.   

The event was launched in 2011 and is responsible for over 65% of Dwell with Dignity’s annual revenue. All proceeds help the organization aid families by designing and installing complete home interiors for those less fortunate. Its mission is to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design.

“This is customized design where we sit with people that have never gone through this process. They have never thought about what they want because they’ve been too busy trying to survive,” said Executive Director Ashley Sharp. “Now we want to help them thrive, like what they want in their house. We want their house to fill their needs and make them aspire for more in their life. We’re a foundation for these families.”

Thrift Studio was created after a person gave a $10,000 white sofa to Lisa Robinson, Dwell with Dignity’s founder. Robinson and her team decided to sell the sofa and use it towards making houses feel like homes for families.

After hosting the event a bit differently during the pandemic with their online sales store Thrift Studio Live, and another Thrift Studio event with reservations during the pandemic; Dwell with Dignity was able to raise $580,000 to help families with their home interiors.

Regardless, this year they will be bringing their event back to normal. This year’s Preview Party will be held on Aug. 26. The event will allow people to have the opportunity to get exclusive first entry to shop for the best deals and connect with other people. The Preview Party will also have a food truck, cocktails, and live music in the afternoon.

“We make sure that it’s a really fun day,” said Sharp. “Not only do people get first dibs and get the best items as soon as they hit the floor, but customers are able to connect with people that are like-minded.”

This year Thrift Studio introduces Thrifty Thursdays. Every Thursday they will be open late until 7 p.m. and will offer a range of hands-on classes, including candle-making and succulent-building classes for those that want to have a private experience and shop at the same time.

The event will only happen for a month. Thrift Studio features stunning vignettes created by designers, and high-end donated furniture, houseware, and accessories that can be bought at incredibly great deals.

The event will be hosted at 175 Oak Lawn. Tickets for the Preview Party and classes on Thrifty Thursdays are now for sale at

“It’s really vital to us to be able to continue our operations to serve items. It’s wonderful because not only do you get a new item for your house, but you know that every single item that you purchase has a repercussion and that does ripples go all the way down to those who’ve been experiencing poverty and trauma,” said Sharp. “By you purchasing an item, you’re purchasing an item for someone else.”

Dwell with Dignity is a non-profit organization founded by Lisa Robinson in 2009. Since then, they have been able to help up to 180 families and counting. Thrift Studio allows people to help others by selling donated furniture and high-end designer finds to the public.

To learn more, see the Thrift Studio website here, and Dwell With Dignity here.

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