North Texas Giving Day 2021: Bryan’s House

Editor’s Note: As part of our coverage of North Texas Giving Day this year, we’ve invited nonprofits to pitch themselves to our readers.

The mission of Bryan’s House is to provide underserved children in North Texas with specialized medical, educational, and therapeutic care and comprehensive support services for families to thrive.

In 2020, Bryan’s House did something innovative – they let their NTXGD donors decide what to do with the money raised. Donors chose to fund two full years of services for one child named “Dash” (name changed for anonymity). The $14,000 raised is funding two years of personalized child development lessons, a new wheelchair, healthy meals cooked on campus, rental and utilities assistance to stabilize his home life, and more.

This year, Bryan’s House hopes to DOUBLE the amount raised in 2020 and support four children for one year each.

See the NTGD donation page for Bryan’s House here.

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