Music Teacher Deemed a Sex Offender

Editor’s warning: This story contains disturbing details

A 43-year-old Flower Mound music instructor accused of sexually abusing a then-15-year-old girl pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a child.

Under a plea agreement entered on Oct. 29, Norman Matthew Pangle must register as a sex offender, face five years of community supervision, and have no contact with the victim.

Norman Matthew Pangle (Photo: Courtesy the Texas Public Sex Offender Registry)

Pangle was accused of “grooming” his student, according to court documents, establishing a mentor relationship that frequently involved time alone in his music studio. During that time, he also earned the trust of the student’s family. 

The student, who came to police when she was 21, said she took lessons from Pangle from ages 14 to 16. She attended local schools throughout that time.

People Newspapers does not, as a practice, publish the names of sexual assault victims.

According to court documents, Pangle’s relationship with the student resembled a mentorship until the spring of 2013, when it became physical.

A few weeks later, she said, Pangle sexually assaulted her. He continued to see her for another year, often, she said, hinting that he would leave his wife for her if the child she was pregnant with was a girl.  His wife had a son.

The girl then told police that when she was 16, the interactions began to change, and she suspected “the Suspect was replacing her with a new teenage girl at the studio who was about the Complainant’s same age.”

By her junior year, she said she had begun to try to date boys her age that also attended the studio, but Pangle would warn the boys to break up with her “because she was trouble.”

The girl told police she was seeing a therapist, and had told her mother what happened, but had asked at the time not to report it to police. Later conversations with family spurred her to contact police. At law enforcement request, she placed a one-party consent call to Pangle, who acknowledged that he sexually assaulted her, and that he knew she was 15 at the time.

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  • April 26, 2022 at 10:30 pm

    Why didn’t he get any jail time? I don’t understand how people like this get to roam around freely. 😤 Can’t rehabilitate this. I can only hope that he doesn’t do this again to some other child.


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