Favorites of 2021: How They Did That

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra League’s annual debutante ball (with its signature “Texas Dip”) was canceled last Spring, but organizers still wanted to mark the year’s debutants with the traditional group photo — which might seem rather ill-advised at the height of a pandemic.

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But the photographer — Rick Bettinger with Gittings — and event chair Mari Epperson came up with a plan to distance and safely take the photo, using clever editing later to mesh two photos together.

“This one happened because I was just curious – this group photo is taken every year, and this time it was the height of the pandemic,” said People Newspapers Digital Editor Bethany Erickson. “So I got the photographer to explain how it worked.

“It may seem like something trivial — a debutant photo during a deadly pandemic — but it was an attempt at normalcy during a really turbulent time, and a snapshot, if you will, of what was happening at the time.”

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