Meet One of the Teens Behind Perot’s Remote Field Trips

Sofia Reyes’ acting skills took her behind the scenes at the museum

Preston Hollow teen Sofia Reyes, a budding thespian, attended the Meadowbrook and Hockaday schools before enrolling at the lauded Booker T. Washington High School for Performing and Visual Arts.

But children interested in STEM subjects might recognize this theater student as a co-host of The Whynauts.  

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science developed the show when the pandemic forced many into remote learning. It features two casts of curious young people who explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at the museum and elsewhere around Dallas.

“The idea was to bring a field trip interactive experience to students at home to continue their interest in STEM topics,” Sofia said.

She auditioned in mid-November 2020 for the role of Hattie, the only bilingual member of the cast, by sending in a video of herself via her agent.

Because of COVID-19, cast members met on Zoom for many of their table readings to rehearse lines and get the timing down before those 14-hour shooting days. 

“The most fun part was being able to be around the other cast members and the crew because everyone knew each other really well,” she said. “We just had so many fun moments, even with the stress of learning our lines, getting everything filmed, and meeting our deadlines. It was almost like a family.”

Episodes would explore such topics as adaptation, engineering, and biology, feature multiple examples, and include a special guest. 

“We basically tried to cover the biggest science elements that occur in public schools from kindergarten to fifth-grade, some even for seventh-and eighth-grade,” Sofia said. “I really enjoyed filming the paleontology episode; we actually got to hold dinosaur fossils.”

Now 16, Sofia thrives at her prestigious new high school, where she has participated in three shows this school year.

“Booker T. has been an incredible experience so far,” she said. “The teachers are very supportive and helpful. I think it’s a great experience if you want to push yourself.”

Her ambitions include more education and possibly becoming a professional actor.

“I’d love to film another season of The Whynauts,” Sofia said. “I love school, and I love learning. I’m definitely interested in going to college.”

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