Is It Time to Go to the Movie Theater?

I got tired of streaming movies at home, sitting by myself. I decided the best thing to do would be to try going to a movie theater.

I found it’s really pretty nice well into the pandemic. It turns out people really don’t want to be around a bunch of other people when they know that they can get sick. I had a surprising amount of room in the theater. I didn’t have to worry about a line to get to concession stand food (which is still overpriced).

Of course, the biggest question is how do other people behave in the theater? You might be the most considerate person ever but you really don’t want to be stuck next to a person coughing on everything. Thankfully, nothing like that happened. Everyone was well behaved outside of the usual theater issues of too much talking, too many phones lighting the theater up, and of course the fact I picked a dud of a movie.

Still, it was a pretty fun time and felt vaguely normal.

The biggest reason to go to the theater is to support economy. Cinemark is a large company but their headquarters is in Plano. We have a lot of smaller theater chains that cater to smaller client bases like Alamo Drafthouse, Texas Theater, and the Angelika. So when you go see a movie, you’re not just attempting to get some pre-viral outbreak normalcy but you’re helping out other people struggling through the same things you are too.

New Dallas COVID Rules

Dallas now has new COVID guidance in place as of Feb. 25. Judge Clay Jenkins issued the following in accordance with the current health emergency declaration by Governor Greg Abbott and current CDC recommendations.

Face coverings will be required in long-term health facilities, healthcare facilities, and certain congregate settings. The health facilities are what you’d normally expect them to be with hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, etc. The congregate settings is a little more nuanced. It’s applied mostly to correctional centers, detention centers, and homeless shelters.

The new guidance also asks for people to do things you’re probably already doing like washing your hands, not wearing dirty masks, or rubbing your facial fluids on various surfaces. You’d think this would be a given but yet here we are with a government ruling.

The order is, as usual, subject to change based on hospitalization and case rates, or even if the regulations get turned over in court.

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