Dallas Backs the Green

The It’s My Park Day event is coming up on April 22. The event hosted by the Dallas Park and Recreation Department gives residents the chance to help keep the parks pristine. Volunteers will help clean up the parks and in the process make them not just greener but also cleaner.

When you sign up to come help out, you’ll be given a choice of park and a choice of activity. The activities are mulching, litter/debris removal, weeding, and flower planting. Anyone can get involved this way. If you’re in a crippling state of bacterial fear that no amount of hand sanitizer can fix, plant some flowers. If you can’t be trusted with any plant dead or alive, come get a workout and lay down some mulch. Any activity you choose will give you the chance to make new friends and bring a positive effect for others. You won’t find any downsides.

Anyone interested can sign up before the deadline of April 18 by registering here and any questions can be directed to (214) 670-1923.

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