North Texas Funders Form Initiative To Invest In Area Nonprofits

The Dallas Foundation and RevJen Group partnered with Jenesis Group, Lyda Hill Philanthropies, The George & Fay Young Foundation, and Rainwater Charitable Foundation, among others, to form the North Texas Funders Initiative.

The initiative is a three-year partnership that aims to bring leadership development, revenue capacity-building training, and support to more than 300 nonprofit leaders per year in the North Texas region. It aims to ​​reduce both financial instability and leadership isolation, burnout, and high turnover in the nonprofit sector. 

“We are thrilled to partner with RevJen Group to provide North Texas nonprofit leaders with this leading edge opportunity,” said Matthew Randazzo, president and CEO of The Dallas Foundation. “Strengthening North Texas’ nonprofit ecosystem benefits North Texans and ensures the organizations on which so many rely are poised to meet the needs of tomorrow.”

Through this partnership, North Texas nonprofit leaders will have access to RevJen Group’s revenue capacity-building training and professionally facilitated nonprofit peer groups. 

“We are thrilled to kick off this initiative, which will address long-standing sector challenges that have adversely impacted the efficacy of nonprofit leaders for too long. We look forward to serving these North Texas changemakers who wake up every day dedicated to making our community stronger through their programmatic impact.” said Brian Joseph, CEO and co-founder of RevJen Group. “I am convinced that we can demonstrate to the rest of the country that investment in these types of partnerships delivers an outstanding ROI for nonprofit leaders, their organizations, and the impact they strive for.”

The North Texas funders initiative will provide North Texas leaders with access to fuel series workshops, which provides leadership teams to develop and sharpen revenue strategy and build revenue infrastructure, and R-Squared peer groups, which provide participating nonprofit leaders with the dedicated time, space, and community to process their most pressing opportunities and challenges in a confidential, professionally facilitated environment.

As part of the North Texas Funders Initiative, Lyda Hill Philanthropies will be offering scholarships for both RevJen programs to all eligible and interested nonprofit tenants of Water Cooler at Pegasus Park, a social-impact hub within the Pegasus Park development in Dallas. Fuel Series Workshops and R-Squared Peer Groups are part of a suite of capacity building resources that Lyda Hill Philanthropies is making available to 25 organizations at Water Cooler at Pegasus Park.

The development of the North Texas Funders Initiative was made possible by a grant of $150,000 for each of the three years from The Jenesis Group and a $50,000 Community Impact grant from The Dallas Foundation. 

For more information about the North Texas Funders Initiative program, visit RevJen’s website.

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