Dallas ISD Deputy Superintendent’s Last Day is August 5

Susana Cordova, Dallas ISD’s current deputy superintendent, is leaving the district this summer, according to Michael Hinojosa’s final superintendent update to the board of trustees before his departure. 

Cordova joined the district in late 2020 after the board of trustees added a clause to Hinojosa’s contract to use his “best reasonable efforts to identify and mentor one or more qualified individuals” to take over as superintendent when his term was over. Cordova’s hire also came after the district’s new superintendent, Stephanie Elizalde, left Dallas ISD as chief of school leadership to serve as superintendent of Austin ISD in 2019.

Cordova left her job as superintendent of Denver ISD, a district home to about 93,000 students at the time, to come work under Hinojosa.

“I love my job, but while I’ve never felt comfortable leaving for another opportunity, now it’s different because of Susana,” Hinojosa told the Dallas Morning News in May 2021. 

Now in the superintendent’s seat, Elizalde told D Magazine in a phone call that she’s been “notified that Susana has decided to take something somewhere else.”

It’s unknown whether or not Cordova applied for the top job in the district. Superintendent searches are conducted by the board of trustees with confidentiality, and the public is notified only once a lone finalist is named.

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