S.M. Wright Foundation Celebrates Reopening of Resource Center

The S.M. Wright Foundation partnered with Allie Beth Allman and Associates to reopen the South Dallas Community Clothing and Resource Center.

The foundation is now in its 24th year and celebrated the reopening in late April. The S.M. Wright Foundation was started by Wright and his mother Debra Wright and brother Calvin Wright, and it’s a nonprofit that supports inner-city, underprivileged children and families through hunger relief, educational support, health promotion, social service assistance, and economic empowerment.

“It is with great joy and thankfulness in our hearts that we celebrate this glorious day and praise God for the involvement and generosity of our founding presenting sponsor, Allie Beth Allman and Associates, Allie Beth Allman and Associates, Allie Beth and Pierce and their entire organization for their support these past 20 years,” S.M. said as he presented the sponsors with an award. “For your longtime faithfulness to God in providing support to the less fortunate families in South Dallas.”

The center is located adjacent to the People’s Missionary Baptist Church where Wright is a pastor. The center will provide free clothing, small appliances, hygiene products, and other necessities to the community each Thursday.

Allie Beth said she and her husband Pierce Allman have supported Wright since they met him 20 years ago and believe in giving back to the community. As the company’s official nonprofit, Allie Beth and Associates have bought the center’s house, refurbished plumbing, painting and interiors, and supplied donations supported by their agents. 

For more information about the S.M. Wright Foundation and its initiatives, visit smwrightfoundation.org.

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