Dallas 24 Hour Club Announces New Life Skills Program

Dallas 24 Hour Club launched a new program to help residents, alumni, and members of the public build life skills through in-person and virtual courses to help them succeed after leaving The 24.

This initiative, which launched in mid-August, is known as the “Stuart Bright Life Skills Program: A Brighter Life!” named after a key supporter of The 24 who died in February 2022. 

“I’ve always been so proud of my husband’s hard work in his recovery and Stuart would be so honored to have this life-giving program named after him,” said Heidi Bright, Stuart’s wife. “He believed in how The 24 provides a proven path for her residents to embrace long-term sobriety. Now, they are providing this life skills program which will enhance their residents’ ability to learn to live life independently on a successful basis. Our family is very excited and honored to support this new program.” 

Monthly classes will be held on topics including financial, employment, educational, technological, self-care, and legal skills. 

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