Victor Vescovo’s Deep Sea Exploration System Sold to Marine Research Organization

The deep ocean exploration system owned by Victor Vescovo, including the 224-foot Pressure Drop and the deep-diving submersible DSV Limiting Factor, have been sold to marine research organization Inkfish. 

Limiting Factor is the first and only submersible to be certified for dives to 36,000 feet.

Limiting Factor and Pressure Drop will continue to be used for scientific missions to facilitate explorations of some of the deepest and most remote areas of the oceans.

Vescovo, Insight Equity co-founder, explorer, and St. Mark’s School of Texas alumnus, may be the first person to have gone to the bottom of the ocean, climbed Mount Everest, and gone to space. He recently discovered th​e USS Destroyer Escort Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413), known as the “Sammy B,” more than four miles below the Pacific Ocean.

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