Tanzanian American Chamber Opens in North Dallas

The national office of the Tanzanian American Chamber of Commerce has opened at the Dallas International District.

The office will serve as a base to promote trade and tourism between Tanzania and the U.S. Increasing trade, cultural exchanges, and foreign direct-investment are part of the International District’s strategy to serve as the hub for the city’s effort to improve foreign relations.

“The opening of the Tanzanian American Chamber of Commerce in Dallas is the realization of Dallas and Tanzania’s shared vision for collaboration,” Mayor Eric Johnson said during the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “This new trade is another major win for our city and a testament to Dallas’ commitment to increasing its global presence and strengthening relationships with our international allies.”

The Tanzanian American Chamber of commerce is the third trade office to open in the International District.

“The Dallas International District serves as a sanctuary where the world meets and grows together, and with today’s ribbon cutting, we are adding yet another vibrant thread to our cultural quilt,” District 11 City Councilwoman Jaynie Schultz said. “Tanzania is a land of stunning beauty and rich heritage, known for its spectacular landscapes and vibrant cultures. From the serene beaches of Zanzibar to the Serengeti Plains, home to the awe-inspiring annual wildebeest migration, the largest in the world, Tanzania represents the future of Africa.”

The Dallas International District is located at 5580 Peterson Lane.

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