An Indian School? In Preston Hollow?

I was looking into a City Plan Commission item from last week (a minor zoning amendment to allow a restaurant patio) and stumbled upon something curious. The owner of the shopping center on the northeast corner of Northwest Highway and Midway Road (the one with Albertson’s, Suze, Howard Wang’s China Grill, etc.) is co-owned by something called “Preston Hollow Indian School, LP.” I checked Secretary of State records and learned it was formed in 2005 and now seems to be a subsidiary of Westwood Financial Corp., a real estate investment firm in Los Angeles. I e-mailed the person listed as director, a Westwood partner, to see if he could give me any info on what struck me as an odd name. No response. Which only leads me to baseless speculation. Was there once an Indian school on the site where Native Americans were dressed in starched shirts and pressed pants and purged of their native languages? Are there plans to put one there? Anyway, ‘Indian’ is a little non-PC, unless we’re talking about someone from the subcontinent. Are we? But I digress.

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