@GiantMenorah is now following you on Twitter

Here’s the question: great e-mail subject line, or GREATEST e-mail subject line?

@GiantMenorah is now following your tweets,” just slid across my computer screen, ranking up there with @DavidAlanGrier among my “OMG they’re following ME” moments. Anywho, turns out @GiantMenorah is code for:

Back again! I’m big, hot & all about Chanukah. Come see me in action! December 2, 2010 7pm West Village. Free music, food, fun, friends & CHANUKAH!

If strange sexual innuendos regarding holiday symbols don’t bother you, hop over to West Village Dec. 2. If they do, unfollow.

(P.S.- You can follow my tweets at @bradfordpearson, and Park Cities People at @pcpeople. Holler.)

One thought on “@GiantMenorah is now following you on Twitter

  • October 15, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    I’m hella jealous although I have a lot of people following me with different names but the same picture. I haven’t quite figured THAT out. I’m woefully lazy about twitter..it’s so hard to be brief and pithy instead of ebullient and vebose.


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