Highland Park Knows How to Throw a Pep Rally

Now that may not be news to most of you, but to me it is. See, at my high school in New York, “pep rallies” mostly meant an excuse to a.) get out of class, and b.) make fun of our dreadful football team (New York is not know as a football power. We saved our athletes for basketball and hockey.)

At Highland Park, it seem like an excuse to stage an elaborate, Oscar-worthy production. Legit, I would’ve paid to see this. And I could go on and on about the blacklight-Thriller-drumline-Saw/Jason/MichaelMyers/Scream-girlsdancinginbags bacchanalia, but instead I’ll let the students do the talking.

I found this video on YouTube about an hour after the rally. Ahhh, the Internet.

Thanks for the vid 5PooKYSpartan.

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