Support a Do-Gooder Hillcrest Grad

A good man is hard to find.
But a good woman?
Not so much.
According to One Man Dallas, women volunteer at five times the rate of men. In an effort to encourage male volunteerism, the group is highlighting 20 men who are heavily involved in charity work.
Marcus Walther, a product of Preston Hollow Elementary, Franklin Middle School, and Hillcrest High School, volunteers with the Dallas chapter of Communities in Schools. And despite misnaming that organization, and answering his questions in ALL CAPS, I think this guy deserves our support.
He’s involved with a laundry list of charities including Sports United, the SPCA, the American Cancer Society, and the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. He’s also the great-grandson of Neiman Marcus founder Stanley Marcus. But all that hasn’t given the 32-year-old a chip on his shoulder.
“I’m the guy people call up when they need an extra hand. I’m no master at anything specific but i can do lot of things OK (and that’s being very kind to myself),” said the self-proclaimed Scottie Pippen of philanthropy in his application. “I‘m a good complimentary piece. I help Michael Jordan look good. Every No. 1 needs a good No. 2, or a guy waving a towel on the bench (me).”
Voting runs until May 15, and the five finalists will be announced on May 19 with an after party at Gables Park 17. If you’re looking to catch a glimpse of the 20 candidates a little sooner, head over to the “Meet the Men” happy hour Friday from 6 to 8 p.m. at Park Place Mercedes Benz in Dallas.

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