St. Alcuin Hosts International Festival, Inadvertently Influences Reporter

Niccole and Arianna Maurici hosted a Ukrainian booth at the festival.

I have a confession: I am a total sucker for any and all things related to the glorious country of Ukraine. After living there as Peace Corps Volunteer, I really do consider it my second home. This morning, for example, I woke up with an undeniable thirst for Borshch (which unfortunately due to time constraints, I was unable to quench). So when something flies into my inbox with the unmistakable embroidery of my (almost) native land, I have to give it some press. Call me biased, if you must. But I would never claim to be anything but partial to the Breadbasket of Europe.

Anyway, without further adieu, the reason for this photo: St. Alcuin recently hosted a rad international festival, that, believe it or not, included the clothing, food, and crafts of countries other than Ukraine. Don’t believe me? Proof (and a press release) is in the jump.

Head of School Walter Sorensen leads the Parade of Nations at the St. Alcuin International Festival

St. Alcuin’s International Festival Celebrates Cultural Diversity

St. Alcuin Montessori School recently held its very own gathering of the United Nations right in Preston Hollow as the school celebrated the incredible cultural diversity of its community at the Annual International Festival.

More than 300 students, parents and faculty dressed in traditional cultural regalia attended the event, which transformed the school into a beautiful global village. Participants enjoyed the magical mosaic of music, dance, art and culinary delights from the 28 countries represented.

Highlights included a special origami craft workshop, sponsored by the Crowe Collection of Asian Art, Arabic drawings, henna hand paintings and the Parade of Nations, led by Walter Sorensen, Head of School.

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