City Council to Consider Alcohol Sales Near Cochran Chapel Church, Shelton School

Two alcohol-related items on the agenda for Wednesday’s City Council meeting may interest Preston Hollow People readers, specifically those readers who attend Cochran Chapel United Methodist Church or send their kids to the Shelton School:

76. A public hearing to receive comments regarding an application for and an ordinance granting a D-1 Liquor Control Overlay and an ordinance granting a Specific Use Permit for the sale of alcoholic beverages in conjunction with a general merchandise or food store of less than 3,500 square feet on property zoned a CR-D Community Retail District with a D Liquor Control Overlay on the northwest corner of West Northwest Highway and Midway Road

93. A public hearing on an application for and a resolution granting a variance to the alcohol spacing requirements from the Shelton School required by Section 6-4 of the Dallas City Code to allow a wine and beer retailer’s off-premise permit for a proposed general merchandise or food store of greater than 50,000 square feet on property on the northwest corner of Arapaho Road and Hillcrest Road

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