Other Former ESD Students Have Contacted Aldous, Alleging Instances of Teacher Sexual Misconduct

Charla Aldous, lead attorney for the family suing the Episcopal School of Dallas for failing to protect their daughter from a sexual predator employed by the school, presented new information at the trial yesterday after the jury was sent home.

Aldous said that she has been contacted by other former students alleging sexual abuse and misconduct by ESD teachers. These students are separate from the main party to the civil lawsuit, Jane Doe II, and the person being identified as “Former Student,” who was deposed several weeks ago related to her charge that a coach sexually abused her in 1992 and 1993.

The jury was not present for this portion of proceedings, as none of the related documents have been admitted as evidence. An anonymous letter was placed in Aldous’ home mailbox alleging two instances of student-teacher sexual abuse and asking for court protection for the victims’ names before any more information was divulged.

Judge D’Metria Benson said she couldn’t promise protection for other victims without knowing more about the case. “They might be named, and they might not,” the judge said.

Aldous said another person has contacted her through email and is willing to be deposed regarding his daughter’s tale of sexual harassment at ESD. But he too is asking for court protection.

Aldous said there have been “a lot of emails” about alleged abuse, but this one in particular stood out to her. She also implied that ESD knew about this instance and others but did not disclose it to the court as required.

“The allegation that ESD has been withholding discovery is inappropriate,” attorney Chrysta Castañeda said.

Emotions were high on both sides, and Benson instructed the counselors to calm down. Benson delayed ruling on either of these matters until Aldous can further verify the claims being made.

The trial resumes Monday.

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