Whole Foods Now Accepting Art Donations

It seems a strange connection to me, so I’ll just let Whole Foods DFW take it from here:

The Highland Park store is currently accepting art donations for our annual Whole Planet Foundation Art Auction on March 24-25. It is open to the public and our team members and ALL proceeds will benefit the Whole Planet Foundation!

Click for more information on the Whole Planet Foundation.

One thought on “Whole Foods Now Accepting Art Donations

  • February 24, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    It does seem a little random, but great food = art?

    I followed the link and read about their nonprofit.

    They provide microcredit – “small loans – usually less than $300 in the developing world – requiring no contract or collateral, offered to the poorest of the poor to create or expand a home-based business.”

    They show the average first loan as around $150 with a repayment rate greater than 95%. That’s great for a no collateral loan to somebody already struggling, and I’m sure these seemingly small loans go a long way to help motivated artisans develop their businesses.

    Very interesting concept indeed. And, I’d think the local artists donating their work are benefited by the exposure.


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