Rotary Club Has Hillcrest Renovation Under Its Wing

Back in 2008, the Rotary Club of Park Cities opted to sponsor an Interact Club, which is basically a junior-rotary service organization, at Hillcrest High School. It turned out to be a hit.

The kids regularly volunteer at Salvation Army events, have decided (of their own volition) to start paying dues, and number more than 120 these days. Now they’re tackling a project unlike any they’ve taken on before, for a cause that’s been right under their noses all along: Hillcrest’s courtyard. It’s trash-filled, too muddy to use in wet weather, and not even ADA accessible.

They’ll need to raise about $10,000 for a granite filler and various other improvements, says Rotary spokeswoman Linda Tunnell, so students are selling personalized bricks to raise funds and build a walkway while they’re at it (DISD has gotten the ball rolling, too). If you’d like to pitch in, check out the donation page here — or pick up Friday’s paper for more details.

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