Firefighters Battle Blaze on Southwestern

A reader emailed us a few minutes ago to ask, “What is going on on Southwestern between Baltimore and Thackery? Police have the whole blocked closed.”

University Park spokesman Steve Mace tells me that the Fire Department received a call at 3:29 p.m. about a fire in the 3700 block of Southwestern. A fence and a tree were on fire, and the blaze has been contained, he said. But there were some downed power lines, which may still be active, so the UPPD and UPFD are waiting for Oncor to arrive on the scene before unblocking the block.

UPDATE AT 4:49: Mace called back with more specifics. The fire started near some pool equipment. It burned two cedar trees and some patio furniture, but there was no damage to the house and no injuries.

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