Lamplighter Fourth-Graders Go to Austin

After going through some of the pictures Lamplighter’s director of communication’s Edward Ritenour sent me of the schools Austin trip, I missed the city.

Last week the school’s fourth grade went of a field trip to the hip city, and explored the cities political and historical sites. They had a packed two-day itinerary which included the Capitol, the Blanton Museum of Art, the Bob Bullock Museum, the Capitol Sculpture Garden, and the Inner Space Caverns to check out the legendary bats of Austin.

I wish I would have known about their trip earlier, I would have recommended a few good restaurants. The group went to Cantina Laredo, which is pretty good. The kids ordered in Spanish for practice, but the apparently the waitress only spoke English, which was a little awkward.

Vicki Raney, Lamplighter’s Assistant Head for Academics, said in a press release the trip was an example of how the School fulfills its mission. “Lamplighter strives to promote a high degree of excellence in teaching and learning, and believes that learning is a lifelong endeavor.” Students can participate in field trips that “extend the curriculum beyond the classroom,” she explained, helping them to “appreciate the relevance and importance” of what they learn in school. To reflect on their experiences, students kept a journal provided by the school.

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