Highland Park: Land of Plenty o’ Pills

Highland Park DPS held their annual “Drop Off Your Medication Here So You Don’t Flush It Down The Drain And Create Mutant Hermaphroditic Fish” drive this weekend, to what I can only imagine was rousing applause.

Parkies dropped off 89 pounds of pills, according to Sgt. Lance Koppa, which is about, oh, I don’t know, probably 200 million pills?

Anyway, good job. And as for those hermaphroditic fish? I was serious.

(Update: According to Steve Mace, the University Park drive brought in 210 pounds of pills. So that’s (does quick math) 472 million pills. Exactly 472 million pills.)

One thought on “Highland Park: Land of Plenty o’ Pills

  • May 8, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    not to question your obviously snarky math, but there cant be more than 1,000 pills (including bottles) in a lb.


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