ESD, Jesuit, St. Mark’s Soccer Players Join Forces

Jesuit’s Zach Stavrou; St. Mark’s Kareem Itani; Alex Totilo; Benny Broadway; Spencer Soles; Daniel Hansen; ESD’s Taylor Curtis-Wheeler; Jesuit’s Tanner Davis; Austin Broyles; Coach Nick Stavrou; St. Mark’s DeShawon Nembhard; Casey Eaton; Zach Duran; Drake Lovelady; Dante DiCiolli; Victor Villarreal, and Jesuit’s Chris Mathis.

Soccer players from ESD, Jesuit, and St. Mark’s were recently crowned the U-17 champions as members of Solar Chelsea ’95.

The top 200 US Youth Soccer boys and girls teams from the 12 state associations that make up US Youth Soccer Region III participated in the Region III Championships in Greenville, South Carolina from June 15 — 21.

After surviving the “group of death” in the preliminary matches and the defending national champions in the quarter-final match, Solar Chelsea ’95 was  crowned the  U-17 age bracket  champions in the Region III US Youth Soccer Championships.  Dante DiCiolli received the Golden Gloves award due to his outstanding performance during the tournament. The Solar Chelsea ’95 team is comprised of players who also play for local high school power-house teams: Jesuit, St. Mark’s, ESD, McKinney Boyd, FM Marcus, Allen, Lovejoy, and Coppell.

The Solar Chelsea ’95 team will advance to the third and final stage of the quest for the National Championship in Rock Hill,  South Carolina, from July 25 — 29.

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