Marquee Changes Its Name, Everything Else

Marquee Grill and Bar, the restaurant/bar (duh) above the Village Theatre, was tired of getting confused with another Marquee, somewhere else in the country.

So, it changed its name:  Village Marquee – Texas Grill & Bar. Mouthful. But maybe we can use the acronym VMTGB and everyone will know what we’re talking about?

The restaurant also took the opportunity to change the menu and concept as well. (When does a restaurant cease to be it former self?)

(Update: Just got a message from Lindsay Miller, PR for Marquee: “The concept really isn’t changing, we’re just changing the menu a little, adding some steaks and things.” Sorry Lindsay.)

From the press release, according to owner Mark Hearl:

“We wanted to introduce an approachable menu for the summer with more selections than we’ve ever had before, while also taking inspiration from our Texas roots.  At the same time, we kept in mind that we are indeed a grill concept, and not just a restaurant for special occasion dining.”

2 thoughts on “Marquee Changes Its Name, Everything Else

  • July 11, 2012 at 7:52 am

    It couldn’t be that the Bistro 31 lounge, with it’s outdoor A/C is taking all their business? Those $8 Bud Lights when they opened left an expensive bad taste in my mouth. I like the “Key” as we call it, but it’s very dark in there & they play the music so loud it’s hard to listen to my date.

  • July 11, 2012 at 10:36 am

    T-Bone is correct. Bistro 31 is the new hot spot and Marquee needed something to get their name back out there in a sentence not including “$8 dollar beers and $11 cocktails”.


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