Reminder to Protect Your Third-Row Seats

I’m still amazed by thieves’ infatuation with third-row seats but it doesn’t look like they’ll stop until they’re all caught or run out of seats to steal.

In the wake of a recent increase of the thefts from Park Cities’ SUVs, University Police have sent out a reminder to keep an eye out for suspects and implement preventative tactics to keep your seats from being stolen.

University Park police spokesperson Lita Snellgrove said in a press release that full-size SUVs with third row seats can be etched with your vehicle identification number(VIN) on the seat to help deter their resale. Also, UP residents can take advantage of the electric engraver the police department has available.

Not only just UP, but Preston Hollow as well saw an increase in seat thefts over the weekend.

If you see any suspicious activity, Snellgrove said to contact the University Park Police Department at 214-363-3000 or call 911 for an emergency.

Here’s the full press release laying out more helpful tips to keep those backseats in your cars:

Theft of Third-Row Seats

There has been an increase in the theft of third-row seats in full size SUVs.  The thieves are targeting Chevrolets, GMC and Escalades.  The seats are being sold on Ebay, Craigslist, and at swap meets.  The seats can be easily removed so here are a few preventive tips:

Secure the third row seat with a cable lock.  Locks can be cut but this is a layer of protection to slow the thief down.

Store the seat if not being used.

Park your vehicle in your garage.

Etch your VIN (vehicle Identification number) on the seat. The police department has an electric engraver available for residents to use.

Report the any suspicious activity to the University Park Police Department at 214-363-3000 or call 911 for an emergency.

University Police spokesperson Lita Snellgrove

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