Book Shows Presidents Can (Probably) Agree on Pets

President Lyndon B. Johnson and First Lady Lady Bird Johnson pose with their pets in the White House Rose Garden. Photo: Jennifer Pickens

I think it’s safe to say that pets can muster a universal love with all people, even politicans. While some Democrats and Republicans may differ on stances, views, and decisions, it’s probably safe to say they wouldn’t mind crossing party lines to pet a dog.

In her newest book, Pets at the White House, University Park author, Jennifer Pickens, curated a photo collection of First Pets from the past 50 years, showing an endearing perspective that all presidents have a love for animals.

The book aslo includes anecdotes on the presidential pets throughout the past 10 heads of state. Each bringing a humanizing quality to our nation’s leaders. Even reading about how President Gerald R. Ford cleaned up after his dog, Liberty, soiled the Oval Office carpet gives a ground-level glimpse that these all important men were still men at the end of the day.

Pets at the White House is currently available at Neiman Marcus and

Read more about the book and Pickens’ process in this week’s Park Cities People.

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