Blog Documents Journey to New Room, Relationship

Mother-daughter relationships can be complicated. Designer-client relationships can be tricky. So what kind of label should be assigned to Sherry Hayslip’s mother-daughter-designer-client-co-blogger relationship with her daughter, Peyton?

To find out, of course, you’ll have to pick up a copy of this week’s Preston Hollow People, and pay special attention to the Homes and Design section. In addition to some beautiful photography and an advance of the Greenway Parks architectural tour, you’ll find a story about how remodeling a closet revamped this duo’s relationship. Until then, you can catch up on the back story by reading Sherry and Peyton’s blog, Design Dialogue. Then consider swooning over this picture of Peyton’s dog, Oscar, who clearly reigns supreme over his owner’s new dressing room.

Staff Photo: Karley Osborn

It’s a ruff life, you know?

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