Tastes of Summer Available at Farmers Market

Fresh garden vegetables make any salad better. I learned this well when living in Virginia with a friend’s family one summer. All along their back fence my friend’s mom grew cucumbers, squash, lettuce, tomatoes, and other delectable goodies.

There was nothing I loved so well as coming home from six hours in the studio than a fresh cucumber and onion salad dowsed in apple cider vinegar and adorned with a little pepper. If there was something we wanted in a salad that we couldn’t get from the garden, we could walk to the neighborhood store and get all manner of locally grown fresh food.

So I was pretty happy when I found out that from now until November, St. Michael’s and All Angels is hosting a farmers market every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon. Produce must come from within a 150 mile radius of Dallas County, the same radius required by the Dallas Farmer’s Market.

This is the second year St. Michael’s has held the farmers market. This year they’ve expanded their list of vendors and added a concession area. You can check out who’s scheduled for this coming weekend here.

Do you have a favorite recipe that epitomizes summer?

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