Another Robbery at Knifepoint Reported at a Park Cities Home

For the second time in two weeks, a Park Cities resident has reported being robbed at knifepoint outside a home.

The latest incident happened Thursday night in the 7500 block of Caruth Boulevard, which is the block due east of the University Park city limits. The victim told police she had driven into the garage behind her house just after 10:15. When she opened her vehicle’s door, there was a man standing there with a “black nylon knit-type stocking” over his face, with holes cut out for the eyes. He had a knife in one hand. He held the index finger of his other hand over his mouth and said, “Shh.”

The victim’s $100 purse was between her legs on the floorboard. When she began to lift it, the robber snatched it and ran out of the garage. It contained $100 cash, three credit cards, and two keys. The victim said the robber was white and about 20 years old.

Thursday’s incident happened about 2.5 miles from the Highland Park home where an elderly couple were robbed in their driveway by two masked men, one of whom wielded a knife, on Aug. 9. The couple said they could not see the skin color of the thugs who threatened them; the one who grabbed the wife’s purse was wearing a “rubbery” black mask that covered his entire face, and the one who put a knife to the husband’s chest was wearing a gray wool ski mask. However, the husband said they sounded black.

The more recent robbery was the first at a home in Caruth Hills — a.k.a. the part of the Highland Park school district that lies within Dallas — in at least six years. (The Dallas Police Department’s online database of incident reports don’t go back any farther than that.)

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