Deno’s of Highland Park Getting a Face Lift

Shoe lovers rejoice. The Highland Park Village Deno’s isn’t fleeing the neighborhood. I was worried when I saw Deno’s employees carrying armfuls of beautifully colored bags to their cars last Sunday evening. A quick call to the shop assuaged my fears.

Henry Yianitsas, one of the shop’s owners, said the shop was getting much needed repairs and a little remodeling, much like they’ve done for many a pair of shoes.

“We did a major remodel 18 years ago, but no what I call significant updates since then,” he said.

Renovations include getting new cabinets, lighting fixtures, paint, and a new counter, plus thorough cleaning of their Italian tile floors. The wood on the front of the store, which dates back to 1931, will be replaced. Yianitsas said that they’d patched and repaired the wood as much as they could and it was time.

Their awnings are down, but they’re not out. The shop will remain open during the renovations, which should last through the end of the month.

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