Service-Station Lifer Has Fond Memories

Lee Jennings cleans a windshield at the Dunlap-Swain Tire Co. at Cole and Monticello. (Ron Baselice/ The Dallas Morning News)
Lee Jennings cleans a windshield at the Dunlap-Swain Tire Co. on Cole. (Ron Baselice/ The Dallas Morning News)

In case you missed it — and you may have, since it was buried on Page 5E — Sunday’s Dallas Morning News included a feature on Lee Jennings, a longtime employee of the Dunlap-Swain service station on Cole Avenue. Two tidbits stood out from this delightful story. Here’s the first:

“You know, the M Streets are over there across Central Expressway, and you have Highland Park over on this side. I used to have a stack of credit cards this big for many children whose parents left their credit cards with me, so their kids could fill up their cars with just five gallons per visit,” Jennings says, holding his fingers about 2 1/2 inches wide.

“Five gallons and NO MORE,” he says, then pauses. “Well, OK, sometimes I let them sweet-talk me.”

And here’s the second:

His steadfast service has yielded generous reciprocation. Over the decades, he says, four very dear customers have given him cars that they either didn’t want to trade in for minimal return or that they just didn’t need anymore.

Any of our readers want to own up to either of those aspects of the tale?

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