Fire Station 27 Nears Completion

Fire Station 27 is scheduled to open later this year. (Photo: Chris McGathey
Fire Station 27 is scheduled to open later this year. (Photo: Chris McGathey

Fire Station 27, located on Douglas Avenue and Northwest Highway, will make some history when it opens later this year.

According to the Bartlett Cocke General Contractors website, Station 27 is the first multi-story fire station in Dallas in more than 100 years.

The facility will be 27,000 square feet and is tentatively scheduled to open by the end of this year, according to Dallas Fire Department officials.

The fire station also will receive some artwork to attract drivers along Northwest Highway.

Installation of artist Rex Kare’s stained-glass piece for the fire station is almost ready, said Kay Kallos, public art program manager for the City of Dallas.

“We expect [it should be ready] right after the holiday season,” she said, “so January 2015, it should be available.”

Kare, the stained-glass artist, said he’s in the middle of the fabrication stage of the 25-foot tall structure.

“So at this point we’re just kind of going through all the steps of making sure that engineering is fine, it passes its engineering inspection, that what we’re proposing is going to do just fine in its space, and it won’t cause any structural issues,” he said. “And once we get that, then what I mean by fabrication is that the stained-glass company I work with will begin actually assembly all the parts and pieces and I’ll be going down there to pick all the glass out and we’ll start the process.”

The design is meant to be symbolic of fire and water — something that’s the “counterbalance of firefighting,” Kare said.

As far as the design, he said he hasn’t made any major modifications.

The only part left is to pick the placement of each individual square of color, so it looks like what he envisioned.

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