From Classroom to Farmers Market

Students practiced adding money for the vegetables they sold.
Students practiced adding money for the vegetables they sold.

Pre-kindergarten students at Lamplighter have been little worker bees lately, preparing for their outdoor farmers market that took place last week.

Students and teachers have worked on every aspect of the market, from planting seeds to advertisements. They have tended to the crops, watering and then harvesting them, and in science classes they learned about cycle systems and compost. When hungry rabbits threatened the crops, they came up with ways to keep them away from the vegetables.

The students also learned some business skills, practicing salesmanship and customer service interaction. In art class, they created advertisement posters and in math they practiced counting money.

Farmer's MarketAll of their lessons and practice were put into action at the farmers market, where all the crops they tended were up for sale, as well as some store-bought produce, popcorn, popsicles, pinch pots, and flowers.

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